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ll the constituent parts are made to ISO9000 or CE mark equivalent standards and come together in a neatly presented manner.  While there are alternative options regarding the technology which is offered, the core benefits of the hardware remain the same to the end user.  What options you choose are dependent upon the mode in which you intend leverage from these benefits as an organisation.

The benefits they offer are second to none and enable the ability to perform many new functions that will only improve the profile, standard and professionalism of any organisation.

The most important consideration in any conditioning program is safety or risk.  Whether eliminated or calculated, ideally we could do without it, however in reality we can only minimise it. The implications of such come usually at enormous costs.

A key benefit in the merits of TEKS' technology is that our type of resistance training offers virtually zero risk of injury.  In turn, this enables a whole range of applications to a much broader spectrum of people, which any organisation can expand from and benefit by to unforseen extents, be they legal, safety, marketing or exercise.

The Computer Managed Training System (CMTS) is characterised largely by the TEKS Kiosk Software program.

The software program enables a whole multitude of applications and control measures that go towards increasing the standards in application and performance to define what you do.

The program will perform such functions as supplying real time feedback of KPI's, suggest strengths and weaknesses, implement program efficiency and accountability and provide key performance data in a reportive format which can be analysed over time to track performance.

In conjunction with these functions, higher level users may begin to design and tailor specific training programs for specific groups of people. Once again highlighting the multitude of functions and applications which can be administered by any organisation.

Infrastructure is also in place for training groups of people using the software program, where you can literally have up to 12 people per machine completing their designated exercise program in quick succession of one another while forcing that all important time factor.

The TEKS training system is the integration of its ideas, concepts, and technologies, all geared towards achieving outcomes for athletes; for fitness; for rehab; for businesses.

The training system is speed oriented. A resistance setting from 1 – 10 is set to establish a speed range which governs the maximum rate of movement.  This allows the athlete/user to accelerate through the resistance, up to that maximum speed, without any safety considerations.  Thus different settings suggest different speeds.  Repetitions are done as quickly as possible, in both the push, and the pull directions.  Reps and sets are accumulated in a similar vein to weight training.

This is what constitutes a typical workout on TEKS equipment.  Introduce the CMTS, and the workout becomes a highly dynamic atmosphere of content-rich information and fast activity. This is the evolution of training systems, and what we offer in our products.

For Athletes – Pushing boundaries is what they do, thus the IsoFast equipment has been specifically designed to this end to allow them to go even further into all aspects of improving their performance.  The IsoFast range is purpose built to embrace the following concepts; Power, Strength, Speed, Easy Application, Intense Application, Intense Group Application, while giving Stimulating Feedback.

The system is comprised of 5 machines combined collectively on one platform, (T-REX) or 5 individual machines.  Thus typically on this system, you will see a group of athletes performing at near peak levels in co-ordination with one another, but on their own machine, at very high speeds and/or forces, creating a very intense atmosphere well known in team sporting culture

For Fitness – Feeling healthy and fit is what it is all about, thus the development of a system that supports people in their weight management, is what the IsoFit range offers.  This efficient system enables one to apply the same governing principals as the IsoFast machines, but in a feel good and uncomplicated way.  Whether you are interested in stand-alone machines to replace existing weight training machines, because you want to attract a broader clientele, or establish group exercise classes built on the resistance concept, the IsoFit product is all about a sense of class and efficiency for your clients.  The system comes with many options, depending upon your needs, and can be tailored to suit.

The system works for getting in shape quickly, because repetitions are done in a push/pull fashion, which is twice as much work done in the same amount of time as a typical weight session.  Rest periods are adjustable on the computer, allowing the user to tailor their workouts to their own abilities, which should change over time. This is truly an evolution in training concepts!

For Rehab – Staying true to our roots is why we offer the IsoMed System.  This is where the concept began for us and Iso-kinetics, and we believe in its ability to further enhance technological advancement, and re-activate lifestyles for people recovering from physical set-backs.

The IsoMed is an all-in-one machine, with a feedback controlled speed mechanism which justifies its testing efficacy, and rehabilitation outcomes. Reports from this unit play a big part in its value and sets it apart in its ability to report at speeds greater than 300 deg/s, especially for knee flexion and extension.  Even still, the unit comes with the ability to rehabilitate shoulders, knees, hips, and backs in a very similar vein to the Biodex machine, but with some unique differences, in software, hardware, and design.

For Businesses – We have the premise from which to offer an incredible amount of value to any organisation, be it small, medium, or large.  The training systems as such, support so much more than simply physiological benefits.

Any business owner, or director, appreciates the power of ideas.  Ideas such as minimising safety risk, expanding markets, improving industry standards, and building a greater awareness of fitness concepts to influence the business environment.  These ideas exist within our training systems in the ideal for driving explosive growth for any organisation, independent of the outcomes it values.  It is the integrated nature of the physical elements of our system with the theoretical elements, which offer such value.