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Overview: The T-Rex is a very compact, space saving multi station. It comes with 5 individual machines:

·         Knee
·         Torso
·         Squat
·         Hip
·         Bench Press

 Because of its 3m x 3m space requirements (9 square meters) it’s the ultimate way to squeeze 5 machines in limited space.
The T-Rex sill runs all its data and reports to a main server, (which can come separate) you can still access all of your
reporting and user data on each machine. The most powerful tool however is being able to train teams/squads 10 players
per T-Rex. The T-Rex simply provides multiple user functionality and time efficiency for teams and squads on a strict
timeline where traditionally using Isokinetic machinery has been a cumbersome and a time consuming process, you can
now train more users, with greater efficiency and still capture the valuable data you need. 

Teks Isokinetic equipment generates the most comprehensive assessment reports. These help in the development of fitness and rehabilitation programs. The reports are graphical, easy to read and are displayed in a format which helps to communicate the progress and outcome clearly and accurately.

How easy is it to log in single or multiple users to the Kiosk.

As long as the user profile is on the Server TRS system, a team or group or single user simply logs on by entering their name and birth year.

What age bracket suits the equipment .

From 10-85 years ,Ideal for early stage training for speed and power development and older ages for neurological reflex retention training . Measures speed, power, rom, peak torque Peak speed , endurance fatigue, acceleration time. Has comparison report function.

Does each station have its own P/C

yes each station is equipped with a 19” touch screen P/C known as a Kiosk and used to display real time bio feedback and then asks to save or discard the test at the end of the prescribed routine . If saved it sends the completed routine to the Server P/C attached to the T Rex as a retrieval system and management control centre for the T rex.

Are there set routines available .

Yes we have hundreds of exercise / rehab programs that can be pre-loaded on the Trs Serve Kiosk that cater for all types of sports and user requirements.

Are the stations able to be varied.

Within reason and consideration of the base size.

TEKS is the developer and long time manufacturer of leading physical performance equipment since the early 1980’s. Winner
of many prestigious industry awards. TEKS is the clear leader in High Speed and rehabilitation Isokenitic equipment

Rotary Motion Hydraulic Resistance System

Linear Motion Hydraulic Resistance System

Computer Managed Training System

Heavy duty Frame  and Handle bar

Multi bench position

Adjustable Angle Bench (-30 deg– 90 deg)

Footrest and stabilising straps

Counter thrust platform

Adjustable height, position and support

Unilateral and Bilateral Exercise system

Variable Speed Control (10 deg/sec – 600 deg/sec)


Width  3.0m (118”)

Length 3.0m (118”)

Height 2.1m (84”)

Weight 1000kg - 1400 ( 2200 lb )

Uniquely designed to take up a space of 9 sq ms. Extremely efficient client turn over allowing for up to 15 users at one time

being able to log on as individuals or teams and monitor HRC . Displays instant bio feed back and systematically  records

progressive work out history and displays Personal best results . 5 Station Platform all in one athletic performance centre

which incorporates main athletic movement patterns.Has preloaded work out routines in wizard format. Fully  networked 5

stations all with touch screen P/C,Stations Power squat / push press Chest / Shoulder/ lat pull Hip/ Glute Torso rotation

Knee Extention/ Flexion