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Rotary Motion Hydraulic Resistance System

Linear Motion Hydraulic Resistance System

Computer Managed Training System

Heavy duty Frame  and Handle bar

Multi bench position

Adjustable Angle ( Bench (-30 deg – 90 deg )

Footrest and stabilising straps

Counter thrust platform

Adjustable height, position and support

Unilateral and Bilateral Exercise system

Variable Speed Control (10 deg/sec – 600 deg/sec)


Width  3.0m (118”)

Length 3.0m (118”)

Height 2.1m (84”)

Weight 300kg ( 661 lb )

Universal Shoulder Iso Kinetic machine Multi function Shoulder training machine is for Low speed and Hi Speed use . Can

operate as 10 Deg/sec to 600 Deg/sec with two way independent adjustable resistance.Has bio feed back system and

can be fully computerized. Space w 1.1mr x l1.2 mt x h 1.2 mt weight 120 kg

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