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Knee Machine

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The Knee machine is the ultimate speed leg extension/flexion machine. Isolate the knee and fire quadriceps and hamstring at close to speeds you that we run and play sports. Perfect for rehabilitation, sports performance and training at speeds that are simply not achievable on other forms of training. Imagine being able to fire the nervous system against resistance at the same speeds you play sports.

Teks Isokinetic equipment generates the most comprehensive assessment reports. These help in the development of fitness and rehabilitation programs. The reports are graphical, easy to read and are displayed in a format which helps to communicate the progress and outcome clearly and accurately.

Can the program be customized to correct any imbalance.

Yes the resistance control can be set independently to correct and muscular imbalance .

Is the dual motors able to measure simultaneously both limbs.

Yes the motors are monitored as soon as the first extension is started. It is used in a running motion measuring alternate extension/ flexion and displaying in bar graph format each repetition Side by side to easily view imbalance and fatigue.

What age bracket suits the equipment .

From 10-85 years ,Ideal for early stage training for speed and power development and older ages for neurological reflex retention training .

What are the speed ranges .

anywhere from 1-2 deg/sec to 500+ deg/sec. Max force as in iso metric load can be measures also . Measures speed, power, rom, peak torque Peak speed , endurance fatigue, acceleration time. Has comparison report function.

TEKS is the developer and long-time manufacturer of leading physical performance equipment since the early 1980’s. Winner of many prestigious industry awards. TEKS is the clear leader in High Speed and rehabilitation Isokinetic equipment internationally.

Rotary Motion Hydraulic Resistance System

Computer Managed Training System

Heavy duty Frame and Handle bar

Adjustable seating position

Adjustable support pads

 Stabilizing strap

Unilateral and Bilateral Exercise system

Variable Speed Control (10deg/sec – 800 deg/sec)


Width  1.2m (47”)

Length 1.3m (50”)

Height 1.4m (55”)

Weight 150kg ( 338 lb )

Knee Machine. Rotary motion Hydraulic Resistance system. Isokinetic Dual motored. Unilateral and bilateral Exercise
system. Touch screen P/C Advanced Hi Speed Isokinetic unit with performance Bio Feed backsystem . Variable Speed
Control. Adjustable seating position. Stabilising strap. Heavy duty frame and handle bar. Size 1.2m x 1.3m x 1.4 m.
Weight 150kg